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    Imagine unlimited support for startups, communities, sport, art and education. Wherever you are, whatever your plans, sharing your bright idea is the first step.


    Looking for inspiration?

    Projects come in all shapes and sizes. From startups and scale ups, from books to performance art, from lemonade to cake, even candles and cheese, we have lots of examples of success. Just take a look at some of these projects. Look here...

  • Getting Started

    Tips and tools for successful crowdfunding.

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  • Crowdfunding Made Simple

     Every minute of every day, of every week of every year, someone somewhere is starting a business.
    If that's you, get in touch.

    Who we are...

    We've been at the forefront of crowdfunding since 2010 when founder, Amanda Boyle OBE, spotted a gap in funding and support for early stage businesses, as well as community, culture and creative projects.

    What we do...

    The idea is simple, harness the power of the crowd (that's you, me and everyone we're connected to) to support your idea and, in return for a cash donation, no matter how small, receive a reward. That's it.

    We did say it was simple.


    How does it work?

    Crowdfunding is maturing as a means of raising finance and we remain committed to providing a service accessible to everyone. If you meet or beat your target, every penny raised is transferred to your project.

    Where are you?

    This is the world wide web! As long as your project complies with banking requirements, we can help you realise your crowdfunding goals.

    Every minute of every day, of every week of every year, someone somewhere is starting a business or a project. If that's you, get in touch.